How To Enjoy Your Hot Tub Safely And Comfortably

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How To Enjoy Your Hot Tub Safely And Comfortably

Hot tubs are great for relaxation, and their health benefits are well documented. But as with everything else in life, a hot tub can be dangerous if it’s used improperly.

So, to enjoy your hot tub safely and comfortably, follow these important tips.

What’s a Safe Temperature For Your Hot Tub?

Personal preference is the major factor in determining the right temperature for your hot tub.

Most people set the temperature between 100°F and 103°F. Some might want their hot tub cooler, while others may prefer a slightly higher temperature.

No modern hot tub’s temperature can go higher than 104°F. That’s because the National Spa and Pool institute has determined 104°F to be the maximum temperature that’s safe for adults.

Nonetheless, it’s still advisable to check your hot tub’s temperature with a thermometer before dipping in. You never know when the thermostat might develop a fault.

Always Make Sure Your Hot Tub is Clean

If left untreated, hot water can become a breeding ground for disease. It’s your responsibility as a hot tub owner to make sure your hot tub is clean and properly disinfected at all times.

You should regularly check your hot tub’s water quality and add disinfectant when necessary. It’s also a good idea to drain your hot tub and scrub it clean at least once a month.

Hot Tubs and Medical Conditions

Relaxing in a hot tub sounds like anyone’s idea of a great time, but it may be ill-advised or even downright dangerous if you have a medical condition.

Staying in hot water for an extended period lowers your blood pressure and increases your heart rate at the same time. If you have a known or suspected heart condition, the excess heat could overtax your heart and lead to problems.

You should avoid a hot tub completely if you’re pregnant. Lower blood pressure caused by excess heat could interfere with the baby’s oxygen and nutrient supply. This is bad for the baby and could cause complications.

In case of doubt, it’s always a good idea to consult your doctor. That way, you’re sure you can enjoy your hot tub safely.

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