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Above Ground Swimming Pool Installation

Now that you have your heart set on an above ground pool, it’s time to talk about above ground swimming pools installation.  Smith Pools has over 38 years’ worth of experience with getting above ground swimming pools installed. So let’s go over some of the details.

Our Professional Crew

We can offer you a unique installation process keeps the two important parts of your pool installation separate, in order to ensure efficiency and a correct installation.  We never use subcontractors. So since we use our own employees to install our pools, we have much better control when it comes to the quality of your pool installation.

Above Ground Pool Installation
Above Ground Pool Installation Dirtwork

Cat skid steer moving into the dirt

Above Ground Pool Installers

Leveling the bottom track

Above Ground Pool Installers

Site Prepped for Pool Assembly

Above Ground Pool Installers in Memphis, TN

Rolling out the wall

Above Ground Pool Installers in Memphis, TN

Attaching the SS panel.

above ground swimming pools with installation

Spreading Vermiculite

Pool Liner Repair

Installing the Liner

Upgrade Your Above Ground Pool Liner

Install ledges and caps

New Above Ground Pool Installation Service

Filling Pool from Water Tank

above ground swimming pools pictures

Working Out Liner Wrinkles

Above Ground Pool Installation

Adding Water from Tank

Replacing your pool liner

Installing Skimmer

New Pool Installation


We do not just come in, deliver a pool and leave. Our above ground swimming pools installation process is more than that. Instead, the first thing we will do is to level the site. Our dig crew will make sure to level the pool site to within ½” around the perimeter of the pool.  And we do not use blocks or sand to try to level your pool perimeter. Instead, we will actually level the pool site and then will recess blocks into the ground. These offer added stability beneath each pool post. This is unlike other installation crews from other companies which use delivered sand and blocks in order to try to level your pool perimeter. They do this, rather than level the ground. This shortcut might save the other guys some time but it means that your pool will not remain level. And that could be costly. We at Smith Pools would prefer to keep your above ground swimming pools costs low, whether you select above ground swimming pools with a deck or any other type of installation.


Next, we bring in our build crew. They will use the most efficient process possible in order to assemble your pool. The crew will fill a 1,000 gallon plastic tank as they work. This is so they can then pump that water directly into your pool. Why is this so important? It ensures that your liner is fully set before the build crew leaves your pool site. Otherwise, you might end up with wrinkles on the floor of your pool. These two separate processes insure that all of our above ground swimming pools are installed with you, the customer, in mind. Plus all of our above ground swimming pools with installation include specialty Vermiculite for under your pool. The Vermiculite is much less abrasive than sand, thereby helping to extend the life of your liner. This includes all kinds of installations, including above ground swimming pools with a deck.

What about saving money?

We understand you might want to keep your above ground swimming pools costs low. So feel free to check out our ever-changing pool specials. Our specials change as they are dependent on what’s in our inventory, so check back periodically. We might be able to save you and even a friend some money on above ground swimming pools with installation.

We at Smith Pools want you to enjoy your above ground pool for years to come. And that all starts with a proper expert installation.

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