Get Covered with the Right Pool Protection

Pool cover

Get Covered with the Right Pool Protection

The cover is the unsung hero of pool maintenance and care. It protects your precious swimming pool from weather, dirt, excess water and who knows what else. The right one will do all tough work for you without much trouble. Remember these essential tips when purchasing your next pool cover.

Safety Requirements for Families and Pet Owners

A cover can do more than keep your pool clean. It can also prevent accidents. Families with young children and pets in particular should look into safety covers. These covers are different from your traditional or summer ones in that they are anchored to the outside of the pool, providing wider coverage. They come in both solid and mesh varieties. A fence and alarm also recommended to make your pool as safe as possible.

Budget and Protection Needed

A heavy duty winter pool cover may not be necessary for owners in the South. A mesh cover may not suit a backyard that receives a lot of rain and wind. When purchasing a cover, keep your budget and needs in mind. Buying more protection that you need isn’t necessary but skimping will likely have you back in the store looking for a better cover in a few months time.

Size and Style Desired

Of course, you’ll know the dimensions of your pool before going shopping for a cover. But remember, it should actually be a bit bigger than the size of your pool. Consult with a professional if you’re not 100% certain of the exact size you’ll need.


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