FAQ’s About Above Ground Pool Liner Repair

Pool Liner Repair

FAQ’s About Above Ground Pool Liner Repair

Summer could not come any sooner, but things like pool liner repair are something you should prepare ahead of the warmer months. Smith Pools & Spas offers a whole range of services that caters to the upkeep of your pool, including but not limited to replacing your pool liner.

Usually, a pool liner installation is included in the installation of your pool. The pool liner will protect the walls and floor of your pool and make its upkeep easy for years to come.

How is a pool liner repaired or replaced?

Pool liners are made to be resilient and durable, but they’re not indestructible. If you’ve had your pool for years, chances are that your pool liner is already showing signs of wear and tear. Above ground pool liner repair is similar to the process for in ground pools. You’ll need to keep an eye out for small rips or tears in the liner, which can be repaired with a repair kit.

Though liners can be repaired, you will eventually need a pool liner replacement. With Smith Pools & Spas, you have a range of choices when it comes to pool liners in terms of thickness, color, and patterns.

Is Replacing Liners for In Ground Pools Hard?

Typically, above ground pool liner repair is a simpler process for the homeowner. However, for in ground pools, the process is much more complicated and needs to be done by professionals.

Though pool liner repair is relatively easy, replacing the liner can take a lot more work. First, the dimensions of your pool will need to be measured correctly. You will then choose a pattern and color for the liner. If you have a pool with a mortar bottom, you can drain the water ahead of time. However, for sand and vermiculite pools, the water should be drained right before the replacement takes place.

The walls and floor of your pool will then be inspected for signs of damage that needs to be repaired before the liner is installed. The walls and floor need to be washed and swept, and any moisture needs to be vacuumed away. The seams will then be taped, then the liner will be hung. After this, the air under the liner will be vacuumed out, and any bubbles or wrinkles will be smoothed out. Though a lot of people choose to install their pool liner replacement themselves, it’s a job better left to experienced professionals.

What Is The Best Pool Liner Material?

Vinyl is the most ideal choice of material for pool liners. Vinyl pool liner replacements are tough and can withstand a lot of use. It is also easier to mold, making it easier to fit into the dimensions of your pool. If you’re pool has ledges, steps, or a more complicated design, this mold-ability will come in extremely handy during the pool liner installation process.  We use only Kafco “Ultra Seam” Liners in all of our pools.

Smith Pools & Spas guarantee that you’ll get the best professional services as well as the best vinyl material for your liner. Pool liner repair and replacement are just one phone call away.