Family Fun Times in a Hot Tub

Family Fun Times in a Hot Tub

A primary motivation for many homeowners to purchase a hot tub is that it brings the family together. They get the opportunity to bond without the distraction of computers and cell phones. From having conversations to playing games, there are many things a family can do for fun in a hot tub. Check out a few suggestions below.

1) Safety first

Your family’s safety in the hot tub is paramount. Start by investing in additional safety features. Cover the steps leading into the hot tub with an anti-slip material. You should also think about putting up a guardrail and install jump seats to allow the kids to sit in waist-deep water comfortably and safely. You’ll want to keep a close eye on the temperature and make sure it doesn’t go above 900F. A set of rules like no messing with the controls can ensure your children’s safety too.

2) Movie nights

Who says you have to spend movie nights indoors? Thanks to projectors, wireless sound systems, and projector screens, you can enjoy outdoor movie nights. Get your family out of the living room and enjoy a cozy evening in the hot tub and great movie. If you don’t have a projector screen, you can use a wall as a makeshift screen. Better yet, hook up a wireless TV and let the good times roll.

3) Have a conversation

Gather your family and friends in the hot tub and catch up on the events of the day. Ask about the highlights and challenges. Identify someone who needs help, and find a solution to their problem. There is so much you can talk about ranging from a school project and supplies needed for it to making lunches. As for the kids, don’t limit the conversation to school and friends. Talk about events and how different experiences make them feel. By establishing a communication ritual that focuses on everyone, you’ll bring the family closer.

4) Play games

Spending time in a hot tub is fun on its own, but why stop there? Games make everything better, and a hot tub presents the perfect opportunity for that. From pass the bottle and submarine to waterproof cards and board games, the possibilities are endless. Kids love battle ducks and rubber duck races. You can also try musical jets. It’s more or less like musical chairs, just with jets. Have everyone walk around the tub and when the pause button is pressed, whoever is in front of the turned-off jet has to get out.

5) Hot tub party

Consider throwing a hot tub themed party. There is no reason why it should be just kid-themed or adult-themed only. Everyone can join in. Have your kids bring their friends from school over. Make your hot tub the focal point, coordinate drinks, and food around it. Now that’s a party!

Hot tubs are a great entertainment feature as they enable you to spend quality time with people who mean the most to you. From watching movies to having conversations, there’s so much you can do for relaxation.

If you’re interested in purchasing a hot tub for your family, come see us at Smith Pools—we’ll make sure you find the perfect match for your home.

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