Exactly What to Look For in Your Automatic Cleaner

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Exactly What to Look For in Your Automatic Cleaner

Let’s face it. Cleaning a pool probably wasn’t what got you excited about getting one in the first place. Very few pool owners, except for the Mr. Cleans among us, foresee themselves spending hours meticulously cleaning the water. And why should you? With automatic cleaners, you can spend more time swimming, relaxing and just enjoying your pool. Follow these simple tricks to choosing your new cleaner and you’ll find yourself falling in love with your pool all over again.

Evaluate Your Cleaning Needs

It sounds a little dramatic but it’s necessary. You really do need to consider just what you’ll be cleaning in your pool. Is it your regular debris like a few stray leaves and dirt? Do your kids track in sand on a regular basis? Are large leaves a constant battle? Chances are you already know what’s dirtying up your pool but if not, observe for a few days and make a list. Knowing what you need to clean out is essential to finding an automatic cleaner that can do just that!

Consider Maintenance

How many times have you bought an appliance that only made your life more complicated? We won’t let that happen with your automatic cleaner. After all, the point is to reduce the number of hours you spend cleaning anyway. Look for a device that gets to the job done with as little parts as possible. Anyone who has bought an expensive coffee machine knows the more parts there are, the more chances for breakage exist. Avoid the headache with a simply designed cleaner like the Lil Shark. It can be attached to a hose in minutes to suction away gunk and grime like sand and small debris from your pool. It truly does all the dirty work for you!

Think Efficient

When considering overall efficiency, decide whether you have or would like a separate booster pump. You’ll need to consider cost, energy use and the effectiveness of each different type of cleaner for your pool. For those without a separate booster pump and battling larger debris, the Polaris 360 makes for a nice choice. This pressure-side cleaner works on your circulation pump and literally vacuums up garbage.

The Polaris 280 is designed to work with a separate booster pump. This classic device is renowned for its ability to clean well and fast. Like its 360 cousin, it is a pressure-side cleaner, allowing it to suck up dirt into an easily removed bag. They both function like a vacuum cleaner for your pool.

With the right automatic cleaner, you’ll be able to kiss those hours spent chucking leaves and dirt out of the pool goodbye. You better start planning what to do with all that extra free time. A cannonball contest with your kids? Some extra laps to work off Friday’s dinner out?

Don’t forget that Smith Pools offers the maintenance and know-how you need to keep your new device running properly for years to come. Be sure to fill out contact form to learn more about available services.

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