Does a Hot Tub Increase the Value of Your Home?

Does a Hot Tub Increase the Value of Your Home?

Chances are if you’re interested in getting a hot tub, your first thought wasn’t about your home’s value. Relaxation? Retreat? Sure, but as it turns out, getting a hot tub does come with the bonus of a home value boost—under the right circumstances. So, when can a hot tub increase the value of your home?

When a Hot Tub Adds Value

The key to getting value out of a spa is making it look like part of your property as if it were designed and built when your home was. Your goal is to avoid letting it look like an afterthought or temporary structure. For instance, when the spa is in-built, consider linking it to your home’s water system or build it into a deck or patio.

Often this entails more than just adding a hot tub unless you already have an ideal existing space. For instance, you may build a deck around it, add a tiki bar, and some landscaping to create your own little backyard retreat. It doesn’t have to be that elaborate, even a small gazebo or trellis with privacy shade can do the trick as long as it causes the spa to blend with your home aesthetic.

When a Hot Tub Does Not Add Value

If making a hot tub look like part of your home adds value, the opposite is an obvious reason a hot tub wouldn’t add value—a temporary look. The issue is that hot tubs just sort of set up on a deck or in the back yard can easily be shut down and moved. In this sense, they add no more value to your home than a nice car parked in the driveway. Pretty, but not considered in the home’s valuation.

Poor maintenance is another common reason hot tubs fail to add value to a home. Potential buyers don’t see worth in something that’s just going to make more work for them and fixing up or removing an old hot tub nobody cared for qualifies there.

The quality of the hot tub installed also factors in. A low-quality hot tub is more likely to require more maintenance on top of being less appealing to home buyers. You can save yourself time and trouble and increase your home’s value in the process by doing your research before buying a spa.

Utilizing the Value of Your Hot Tub

Alright, all that said, if you’re sold on buying a hot tub, there are a few simple things you can do to maximize the value of your hot tub in regard to your home value.

First, ensure that the hot tub replacement blends well with your desired space and the overall look of your property. Add attractive landscaping to maximize the aesthetic appeal of the spa. Next, ensure that you maintain your hot tub by replacing filters, worn out parts, and other components.

Lastly, be sure to pick out a good quality hot tub that will stand the test of time and minimize repair costs. Remember, the goal is to ensure the spa looks new to potential buyers and well incorporated into the look of your home.

If you need help with any of the above, Smith’s Pools is here to help. Give us a call to get started.

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