De-Stress in Your Home Spa With These 4 Great Tips

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De-Stress in Your Home Spa With These 4 Great Tips

When the pressures of life become too much to bear, there’s nothing like a spot of good old r and r to get you back on track. Spending some quality time in your very own home spa can leave your body feeling energized and clear your mind from the clutter of everyday life.

Give these four ways to enjoy your home spa a try. You’re sure to feel blissed out in no time flat.

1. Turn Up the Heat

Stress is a natural response to what your body perceives as a threatening situation. When you’re stressed, your brain releases chemicals that set off your fight or flight response. Your muscles tighten up as a result, and this causes all sorts of aches and pains.

If your muscles feel tense or sore, a dip in your hot tub can be just what the doctor ordered. Warm water helps loosen your muscles, improves blood flow and relieves aches and pains.

2. Try a DIY Aromatherapy Treatment

If you’re super stressed, and a dip in the hot tub on its own just won’t cut it, you can enhance the experience by creating your very own DIY aromatherapy treatment.

Create the right atmosphere by lighting some scented candles. Add Epsom salt and your favorite essential oils to the water, lay back and soak up the goodness. Oh yes, and don’t forget to turn off that darn phone!

3. Zone Out with a Good Book

Who said your spa is just for lying back and doing nothing?

The hot tub can be the perfect place to enjoy a good book without any distractions.

4. Get That Jacuzzi Going

A Jacuzzi isn’t just a luxury item or status symbol; it also has several health benefits to boot. So if you’re feeling stressed out and your muscles are tied in knots, there’s no better excuse to invest in one.

Luxuriating in the Jacuzzi with a glass of wine or simply chilling out with family and friends is great fun of course. But the bubbling of the water also gently massages your muscles and is physically and mentally soothing.

Pro tip: place your feet right over the water jets for a stimulating reflexology massage.

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