Convert Your Chlorine Pool to Salt Water

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Convert Your Chlorine Pool to Salt Water

People have been converting chlorine pools to salt water pools for many years. The conversions from chlorine to salt water pools have been taking place since the 1970’s. Salt water is much less caustic on the skin, eyes, and hair and does have other health benefits. The attraction to chlorine water is not so wonderful when it comes to people using it. Chlorine has an unpleasant smell, is hard on the skin and surrounding objects when it is stored. And, it can get expensive. The thing about chlorine is that it is needed to keep the pool water clean.  Adding the right amount of chlorine also takes some training and expert help. Those who have put too much chlorine into their pools know how important it is to make sure you have the measurements right.

Salt Water Pools and Salt

Many whom are looking to convert their chlorine pools over to salt water are surprised to learn that the water in the pool will not be as salty as the water found in the oceans. If you are one who believes that taking a dip in a salt water pool will be like swimming in the ocean, it is not. The pool will contain about 1/10 of the actual salinity of actual ocean salt water.

Salt Water Pools and Chlorine

A very interesting fact about salt water pools is that they produce their own chlorine. These types of salt water systems use the salt to produce their own chlorine. The process where the salt to create its own chlorine is called electrolysis. Pretty interesting stuff when you sit down and study the process. The main thing with a salt water pool is that you do not have to add any chlorine, ever. This is a big treat for those who have had chlorine pools and had the job of adding the right amount of chlorine.

A salt water pool is safer than having a chlorine pool because there is no reason to have to handle chlorine. Chlorine is dangerous to handle, move, and store.  It has also been documented inn studies around the world that the use of chlorine may have long term effects on our health.

Softer Water

The conversion of a chlorinated pool to a salt water pool will also make the pool water feel softer. Chlorine water tends to be much more abrasive and caustic on the skin. Those who have skin issues tend to be more bothered after swimming in a chlorinated pool. Salt water pools tend to make the skin softer and alleviate some of the skin irritations that plague people.

Saltwater Pool System-Not Just for the Rich and Famous

Years ago, the only place you would have the luxury of swimming in a salt water pool is if you visited someone that was rich. Over the past few years the idea of changing your chlorine pool over to a salt water system has sky rocketed. Now, salt water pools can be found popping up in neighborhoods across the United States.

Saltwater pool systems for above ground pools can be done with guidance from those who are experts in the pool business. Contact a pool company who has experience inn these types of conversions such as Smith Pools and Spas.

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