How to Clean Your Spa in Less Than 30 Minutes

How to Clean Your Spa in Less Than 30 Minutes

While many people think that cleaning the spa is a time-consuming exercise, the truth is it’s possible to do it in just 30 minutes! Follow our simple guide below to discover how to make your spa clean without sweating it out.

Step 1: Always cover your hot tub

Covering your tub keeps it free from debris. It also shades the hot tub and preserves the lifespan of the spa. Always spray the cover down with a hose after removal.

If dirty, clean the cover with dish soap and a soft-bristle brush, then rinse, and finally, dry it with a clean cloth. We also advise you to condition it with a UV inhibiting vinyl protectant. If there’s any tree sap, use the BBQ lighter fluid. It evaporates quickly and will loosen the sap enough for you to scrub it off.

Step 2: Clean the filters

When cleaning the filters, place the spa in a hold mode then remove the filter cap and hot tub filters. Next, rinse the filters with a hose or under warm water in the sink, reinstall the cartridges, and reset the control systems. 

Note: soaking the filter in warm water helps to remove sunscreen lotion residue. Calcium deposits can also be removed by soaking the filters in a 1:10 mixture of muriatic acid to water. 

Step 3: Changing your water

It takes roughly 60 minutes to change the water, but this isn’t hands-on time. Here is how to go about it:

  1. Turn the power off
  2. Locate the drain and pull it out
  3. Attach the hose to the spout to activate the drain
  4. Pull the drain spout out and get the hose off
  5. Replace the cap of the drain and push it back into the spa
  6. Use a hose and filter compartment to clean and refill the spa.

Change the water every 3 to 4 months. Before you drain the water, identify a large section of the yard where you can channel it. 

Step 4: Clean the shell surface of the spa

Apply a small amount of dishwashing soap or vinegar to a soft damp cloth then use to rub the surface. A mild acrylic cleaner can help to remove stubborn stains. Rinse thoroughly then dry it with a clean cloth. If your spa has light scratches, reach out to our team for repair options.

That’s all you need to do to clean your spa within 30 minutes. This way, you will keep your hot tub fresh and free of dirt and residues from oil and hair products.

A clean spa is both inviting and ready for fun and relaxation. It also keeps you and your loved ones safe from dirt and contaminants that could otherwise cause health problems. At Smith Pools, you can also purchase the proper water treatment options to ensure it stays that way.

Stop by today, and watch your dirty and grimy spa turn into a clean and comfortable haven for relaxation.

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