Pool Safety Tips

Pool Safety- Know What Drowning Looks Like

Drowning is not the forceful splashing of water and yelling most television screens show. It is a quiet scenario as most people do not shout when drowning. Rarely do you see the violent splashing, waving, shouting and calling for help scenarios in real life. Facts about...

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Why NOW Is the Perfect Time to Install an Above Ground Pool

Is A Resin or Aluminum Pool Right For You?

Are you a new pool shopper? Choosing the best material for above ground swimming pool is not easy. Aluminum and resin are the most common materials used for above ground pools. Each pool store has a different opinion as to which is the best material.Aluminum...

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saltwater pool system

Convert Your Chlorine Pool to Salt Water

People have been converting chlorine pools to salt water pools for many years. The conversions from chlorine to salt water pools have been taking place since the 1970’s. Salt water is much less caustic on the skin, eyes, and hair and does have other health...

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Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Swimming Pools: What You Need to Know

Having a backyard swimming pool works incredibly well, especially if you aim to transform or upgrade your outdoor living space. When it comes to choosing a type of pool, there are essential factors that should be taken into consideration. One example is deciding on whether...

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Frog Leap Mineral System

Our Most Popular Types of Above Ground Swimming Pools

Smith Pools and Spas offers a variety of styles, colors, materials and frame sizes for above ground pools. Remember that when deciding on what pool is perfect for you, durability and appearance are both very important. Most of the pools installed by Smith Pools are built by...

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myths of pool ownership

What’s The Cost of Above Ground Swimming Pools?

Thinking of buying a new swimming pool?   Smith Pools & Spas have pools down to a science! The advantage of purchasing a pool through Smith Pools and Spas is that you are purchasing because they offer some of the best prices in the Mid-South. Smith...

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