Pool Maintenance

Our Fall Pool Care Tips

As temperatures drop in fall, you need to make some changes in how you maintain your pool. By properly preparing it for winter, you'll not only ensure it's ready to go in spring but prolong its useful life in the process.Here are some general tips...

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Pool Closings

Our Top Fall Above Ground Pool Tips

Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean there is any less pool maintenance work. Pool maintenance is a year-round chore and particularly important in the fall because that’s when leaves fall. With extra care, you can keep your above ground pool in the best...

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Frog Leap Mineral System

General Above Ground Pool Care Tips

Getting a brand new pool is exciting for any family, but there are some general tips that will help your pool last much longer. General Above Ground Pool Care TipsSpray for termites and other insects around the pool area annually, especially in wooded areas. Termites and...

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pool vacuum

How To Properly Vacuum Your Pool

Pool season is here and one of the most common mistakes we hear involve pool maintenance.  Neglecting pool maintenance can mean time and money spent trying to make the pool usable again.  Many people hire a professional pool care service, like Smith Pool, to take...

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Pool Products

Pool Services Offered by Smith Pools

A pool is a worthwhile investment… Let us help you keep your investment in tip-top shape! In-Ground Liner Replacement and Safety Covers We’ve been offering replacement of in-ground vinyl liners for many years. Our prices are competitive and we ensure the process is easy for each customer....

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Smith Pools & Spas
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