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Upgrade Your Above Ground Pool Liner

Time To Upgrade Your Above Ground Pool Liner!

Above Ground Pool Liners usually operate efficiently for a maximum of 8-12 years, provided they are cared for and regularly maintained. Most of the above ground pool liners initially start showing signs of degeneration due to the effects of the harsh weather conditions and pool chemicals. Therefore, it is of paramount importance for you to be alert and know what signs you need to look out for in order to ensure the longevity of your above ground pool liner.

So, how do you know when it is time to upgrade your above ground pool liner? Well, let us help you out.

  • It is time to upgrade if you see cracks.

It is common for pool liners to break down over a period of time due to harsh UV rays and pool chemicals. You should regularly check your pool for cracks and fissures in all areas. Your pool will leak when there are cracks in the liner. Spotting cracks and small holes can be difficult to see with the naked eye. Monitor your pool water levels.  A sudden fluctuation in pool water may be the first signs of a crack in the liner.

  • It is time to upgrade if you notice stains or fading.

A pool liner fades over time because of the exposure to chemicals, sunlight, and other environmental issues. If your pool liner is fading, you should know that it is getting close to time for a replacement. New liners are often created in a way to be resistant to fading, however, they will eventually fade too. 

  • It is time to upgrade if you notice wrinkles, stretching and slippage

If some areas of the liner bead slip out of the trail and cannot be slid back into position, it could be that the liner is stretching. Above ground pool liners tend to lose elasticity with the passage of time, making it difficult to maintain the liner bead on track. Without the proper support of the track, your liner will sag, leading to water draining from your pool, resulting in the wrinkling of the liner. If you notice loose fittings, you will need to get your pool liner repaired or replaced.

  • It is time to upgrade if you notice loss of water

Although most of the modern pool liners are manufactured to be resistant to tears and punctures, there are still chances of tear and punctures in liners. A liner loses its resilience with the passage of time. If you can identify the cracks, you can easily perform the repair work. However, if you can’t identify the precise location of the cracks, you will need to upgrade your liner.

What should you do—repair or replace?

Of course, you don’t need to replace your pool liner every time there’s a problem with it. However, it will largely depend on the age of your pool. If your liner is less than 3 years old, it may be better to repair it than replace it completely. It is also important to pay attention to the area of damage. The odds of the repair work being successful largely differs depending on the damaged area.

Are you looking to have your above ground pool liner repaired or replaced?  Give Smith Pools & Spas a call today!

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Pool Liner Repair

Signs that you need a Pool Liner Repair

Vinyl pool liners usually last for eight to twelve years with appropriate care and maintenance. Many of the liners never exhibit any indications of attrition for the better part of the period. Over a period, however, pool chemicals and the weather cause the pool liner to degenerate, and this leads to setbacks. Pool liner replacement is costly; hence it’s shrewd to be aware of the indications that hint you need to carry out pool liner repair.

Cracks and Adulteration

Vinyl pool liners debilitate over time as result of pool chemicals and the harsh ultra-violet rays. Check your pool regularly for evidence of detriment for instance, cracking. Suppose you happen to see cracks or fissures in several areas, it’s likely your swimming pool is leaking. These crevices could be as a result of minute cavities in the crevices not detectable with the naked eye. Observe water levels for a week or thereabout. Supposing that the water falls by over an inch, then perhaps you have a leak someplace on the pool liner. In the case that the liner is damaged in several places, the odds are that the leakage is taking in those areas and may be too many to patch.

Stains or Fading

Whereas a pool liner fades due to exposure to sunlight and chemicals, substantial rust stains or algae can’t be removed. Severe or significant fading is evidence of dilapidation. While the majority of new liners are resistant to fading and disintegration, they aren’t impervious to them. As the liner wanes, the plasticizers corrode as well, and this results in the liner becoming fragile. Once the plastic becomes brittle, cracks and tears follow.

Wrinkles, Stretching, and Slippage

If you’ve got some areas where the top of the edge or liner bead slips out of the trail, and you are unable to slide it back into position, it could be the liner is stretching. Over a period, vinyl liners tend to lose a certain degree of elasticity making it cumbersome to maintain the liner bead on track. Your liner will sag without the track’s support, which leads to water draining from your pool resulting in the wrinkling of the liner. Slack fittings on the pump and skimmer are evidence of dilapidation. As the liner ages, fittings loosen and cause distortions which are also indications of the need of a pool liner replacement.              

Water Loss

As much as contemporary pool liners are resistant to punctures and tears, it still can happen, especially as the liner’s resilience is lost with age. In the case that you can locate the crack, you don’t need to replace the liner; otherwise, your pool’s leakage will persist leading to the washing away of the augmenting backfill on the backside of the walls.

Dripping water may result in the erosion of the pool’s walls and the washing away of sand below the pool, and that creates sinkholes. It is advisable to carry out a pool liner repair early enough before things get to catastrophic levels.

Replacement versus Repair

Sometimes the adulteration to a pool liner is repairable. However, the verdict depends on many factors, one being age. If for instance, the liner is under three years, a pool liner repair may be worth giving a shot rather than changing the liner.

Nevertheless, consider the area of damage because the odds of a successful repair job differ depending on the damaged area.

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Replacing your pool liner

Top 6 Things to Consider When Replacing Your Pool Liner

Maintenance is an important aspect of keeping your swimming pool in good working condition. Although water replacements and chemical treatments are the most common when it comes to pool maintenance, the need to replace your pool liner cannot be overlooked. When shopping for the right pool liner, consider the following five factors.

6 Factors to Consider When Replacing Your Pool Liner for Your Swimming Pool

  1. Vinyl Pool Liner

When shopping for a pool liner for your swimming pool, consider high quality, 20-to-28-mil-thick virgin liner made of vinyl. Vinyl pool liner replacements are built for durability to effectively protect your pool for several years. Although the thickness of pool liners varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, opt for those made in North America for the best results.

  1. Pool Liner Supplier and Product Warranty

It’s important to pick the best pool liner supplier. Do an intensive research to find the most reputable supplier on the market. A good supplier inspects the liners before being shipped, packages them for safe shipping, and if possible, insures them. You must also choose a pool liner backed with a warranty to protect you from manufacturing faults.

  1. Modern and Advanced Options

New pool designs are often developed using advanced technologies, including tanning ledges, steps covered in vinyl and even benches. When looking for a pool liner for replacement purposes, there are lots of options for you to consider. What’s more, pool liner repairs are designed to suit various pool amenities.

  1. Professional Services

Since installing pool liners isn’t a walk in the park, you might consider hiring a professional to get the work done. It takes patience to properly install a pool liner because the installation process can be time-consuming. What’s more, buying a pool liner is more of an investment, hence the need for proper installation.

Furthermore, professionals know the right measurements, own the right pool installation equipment, and are precise in offering the service atop being patient. Professionals are also licensed to offer the installation services.

  1. Complementary Colors

Pool liners come in an array of colors to choose from. The colors complement those of pool accessories such as umbrellas, rafts, backyard foliage, chairs and tables, among others. Whereas you can use dark colors to evoke a sense of oceanic waters in the deep seas, light colors are ideal for creating a tropical or beach feeling around your pool.

Enhance your brightly-colored patio furniture using a backyard full of colorful flowers, and subtle pool liner designs and colors. If your yard is full of lush, green trees, add life to your simple pool accessories using elegant liner patterns with unique effects.

Some pool liner repair services also come with decorative liner borders to elevate the appearance of your glass mosaic, ceramic tile or even stones. Mimic the paradise of an island using beach designs.

  1. Safe and High Quality

When replacing your pool liner, you also need to buy pool liners of top quality and safety for prolonged use.

With these factors, you won’t just replace your old pool liners, but also get them installed by professionals for improved use of your swimming pool.

Contact us today for your pool liner repair or replacement services.

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Pool Liner Repair

FAQ’s About Above Ground Pool Liner Repair

Summer could not come any sooner, but things like pool liner repair are something you should prepare ahead of the warmer months. Smith Pools & Spas offers a whole range of services that caters to the upkeep of your pool, including but not limited to replacing your pool liner.

Usually, a pool liner installation is included in the installation of your pool. The pool liner will protect the walls and floor of your pool and make its upkeep easy for years to come.

How is a pool liner repaired or replaced?

Pool liners are made to be resilient and durable, but they’re not indestructible. If you’ve had your pool for years, chances are that your pool liner is already showing signs of wear and tear. Above ground pool liner repair is similar to the process for in ground pools. You’ll need to keep an eye out for small rips or tears in the liner, which can be repaired with a repair kit.

Though liners can be repaired, you will eventually need a pool liner replacement. With Smith Pools & Spas, you have a range of choices when it comes to pool liners in terms of thickness, color, and patterns.

Is Replacing Liners for In Ground Pools Hard?

Typically, above ground pool liner repair is a simpler process for the homeowner. However, for in ground pools, the process is much more complicated and needs to be done by professionals.

Though pool liner repair is relatively easy, replacing the liner can take a lot more work. First, the dimensions of your pool will need to be measured correctly. You will then choose a pattern and color for the liner. If you have a pool with a mortar bottom, you can drain the water ahead of time. However, for sand and vermiculite pools, the water should be drained right before the replacement takes place.

The walls and floor of your pool will then be inspected for signs of damage that needs to be repaired before the liner is installed. The walls and floor need to be washed and swept, and any moisture needs to be vacuumed away. The seams will then be taped, then the liner will be hung. After this, the air under the liner will be vacuumed out, and any bubbles or wrinkles will be smoothed out. Though a lot of people choose to install their pool liner replacement themselves, it’s a job better left to experienced professionals.

What Is The Best Pool Liner Material?

Vinyl is the most ideal choice of material for pool liners. Vinyl pool liner replacements are tough and can withstand a lot of use. It is also easier to mold, making it easier to fit into the dimensions of your pool. If you’re pool has ledges, steps, or a more complicated design, this mold-ability will come in extremely handy during the pool liner installation process.  We use only Kafco “Ultra Seam” Liners in all of our pools.

Smith Pools & Spas guarantee that you’ll get the best professional services as well as the best vinyl material for your liner. Pool liner repair and replacement are just one phone call away.

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Pool Liner Repair

Pool Liner Repair

Owning a pool provides a touch of luxury to your home, but if left unattended and without proper maintenance some issues might arise and require pool service.

If you own a pool in Memphis, you should not worry one bit because our team at Smith Pools offers the best pool service around.

Whether the color of your pool liner has faded, or due to damage it is in need of pool liner repair, we can help you! Maybe you simply want to replace your pool liner. For all of this you are in the right spot.

At Smith Pools we use only Kafco “Ultra Seam” Liners as these liners have no visible seam lines, which contributes to the beauty of your pool. Not only do these liners make your pool look beautiful, but also make it stronger and more durable.

All liners are protected against fading or sun damage as they are made with bleach resistant inks and UV inhibitors. In addition, the liners we use are fused with algae inhibitors, protecting your liner for long-term use and enjoyment.

Issues with the liner might occur due to bad pool maintenance or inadequate installation. Pool Liner Repair by Smith Pools and Spa will solve all these issues at the best price and highest quality, all you need to do is to call our service line and schedule a visit.

Pool repair services does not end with pool liners; we offer the complete pool maintenance package. Our team is equipped to handle all kinds of issues when it comes to pool upkeep. From pool equipment repairs to cleanup, closing or opening your pool, our service team will do a quality job.

The majority of the equipment repairs can be performed by our staff. Whether you need to have your pool motor replaced or the filter needs to be changed, our professional pool technicians will provide you the best service possible.

If you are in need of a pool cleanup give us a call. We have all of the necessary pool cleaning equipment and chemical treatments that will have your oasis back in all its glory. We are experts in leaf removal, brushing or vacuuming, having your pool shining again.

When the season is over you will certainly want to keep your pool clean during the fall and winter so that it is ready for use when the new summer season comes around. Our team will take the hassle of closing the pool off your hands and cover your pool safely, securing the cover and preparing your equipment for winter. You can also have a safety cover installed to give your pool and backyard a perfect winter look and keep people and animals safe from falling in.

Once the winter is over, and you are ready to get the party started again our team will remove the cover and fire up the equipment in no time, just call us to get on schedule.

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Proper pool liner care

Top 3 Signs You Need to Repair or Replace Your Pool Liner

Did you have a pool for too long and are not sure if you need to repair or replace the liner?
The life of vinyl pool liners is typically 12 years if proper care and maintenance is taken. Many of the pool liners don’t show signs of damage and wear and tear during this time. However, pool chemicals and weather conditions can cause the vinyl liner of the pool to deteriorate which can cause a lot of problems. Keep in mind that it is not easy on the pocket to replace these pool liners. Thus, you should keep a lookout for the following signs that tell you that it is time to replace or repair your pool liner.

Deterioration and Cracks

Owing to the harsh pool chemicals and ultraviolet rays, the vinyl liners are bound to deteriorate and get damaged over time. Check your pools for any signs of wear and tear such as deterioration and cracking. If there are visible tears or cracks in the pool , it is likely that water is also leaking through these cracks. There may be small cracks and holes that are not visible so easily. To check the presence of these small cracks, check the level of water in the pool for a week. Do you see that the pool is losing water over an inch? If yes, it is highly likely that there are cracks in your pool and they need to be fixed.

Stains or Fading

Pool liner tends to fade with exposure to sunlight and chemicals. However, rust stains and significant algae are not easy to remove. Having severe or significant fading is also one of the main signs of deterioration of the pool liner. While most of the pool liners are resistant to deterioration or fading, they are however not impermeable to it. The plasticizers tend to deteriorate as soon as the vinyl fades. This cause the pool liner to become breakable and just as it becomes fragile, cracks and tears tend to follow.

Water loss

Although the modern pool liners are resistant to punctures and tears, however, tears can appear especially when the pool liner has become old. If you happen to find where the leak is, you can fix it by using a wet patch kit and putting a patch on it. However, if you are unable to locate the leak, it is likely that your pool is going to lose water continuously. This may also show deterioration of the walls of your pool and create sinkholes by washing away the lower layer of sand which is found beneath the pool.

Repair or Replace?

The question is whether you should repair the pool liner or replace it altogether?
You should try repairing the pool liner if it is less than three years old. If older than that, consider replacing it once for all because with age, pool liner tends to deteriorate. The area of damage also largely determines if the pool liner needs replacement or repair. If the damage is near the plastic fittings to the liner’s bed, it may be difficult to repair.

You can always get help from Memphis pool liner repair to get to know more about the pool liner. Smith Pools are highly professional and experienced in this matter and can help you in this regards.

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pool closing

How to Prepare Your Pool for Fall Fast

The weather may still be warm outside, but pumpkins, leaves and cooler temperatures are on their way. However, that doesn’t mean it’s time to shut down your pool right away. In fact, you may have a few more parties to throw and cannonballs to attempt before shutting things down. To prepare for the changing seasons, follow these simple tips and ease the transition.

Work From the Outside In

Start by taking stock of the surroundings around your pool. Are there still toys, speakers and other accessories hanging around? Pick up the ones you won’t be using for the remainder of the season. Be sure to clean them before putting them away. Take inventory of any items that will need repair or replacement.

To make cleaning up the pool for winter easier, remove any fallen limbs and leaves. You’ll likely find some in and near your pool. A quick weekly cleaning will help you avoid a marathon session before winter arrives. You’ll want to do a more thorough clean up after a major thunderstorm.

Perform a Check-In

With all that summer fun, some signs of wear and tear may have gone under the radar. However, you definitely don’t want to leave those problems for next year as they might become more costly and complicated. Avoid major problems by performing a check-in.

Look for:

  • Algae growth
  • Tears and cracks in the liner
  • Poorly functioning equipment
  • Surface stains

Test for pH Balance, Chlorine Levels and Alkalinity

Performing these tests is one of the first steps to shutting your pool down for the upcoming winter season. Though you may be reluctant to give up swim time, you’ll need to make these tests a priority to avoid liner and material damage later on.

Look for pH levels between 7.2 and 7.6 and test for chlorine levels at 30 parts per million. Your alkalinity levels should range from 80 to 125 parts per million. For more information on keeping your pool water balanced and healthy, reach out to us at Smith Pools.


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Replacing Your Pool Liner? Here’s What You Need to Know

Signs a Replacement is Needed

First make sure you actually need to replace the liner. In some cases, you may be able to repair it. Keep in mind your average vinyl liner is going to last 8 to 12 years. It will begin to deteriorate over time from use, weather, chemicals, and general aging.

The following signs may point to an imminent replacement:

  • Cracks and tears of all sizes
  • Algae and rust stains
  • Fading
  • Slipping from track
  • Sagging and wrinkles in liner
  • Your average vinyl liner is going to last 8 to 12 years
  • Water line going down more than an inch a week
  • Consistent water loss

A repair might be doable for smaller issues or a relatively new liner. However, at a certain point, it’s a wiser investment to replace the liner. Constant repairs can end up being just as costly and a real pain.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Replacement

As you’re looking for a new liner, you’ll want to avoid recycled vinyl as much as possible. This material is generally less durable and breaks down faster than new vinyl. New vinyl liners will offer you a longer lifetime and may require fewer repairs.

Ask about the manufacturer’s warranty. How long does it last and want kind of damage does it cover? You’ll likely find that many of the problems you experience are not covered by the warranty. However, it’s still useful to be aware of what constitutes a warranty defect.

These days liners come in a variety of thicknesses, patterns and colors. A replacement provides a chance to upgrade your pool and improve its appearance.

Finally, look for strong liner seams and the proper fit. You shouldn’t have to stretch and pull the liner to make it fit. Smith Pools offers liners backed by Kafco’s Ultra Seam Technology. To learn more about these liners and other options, give us a call today.


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Proper pool liner care

2 Simple Ways to Extend the Life of Your Pool Liner

You’ve purchased an above ground pool, and you intend to keep it for a very long time. Besides the water, pool pump, and filters, you also need to maintain the pool liner. If it bursts, you can say goodbye to your pink flamingos and brand new turf because hundreds of gallons of water might wash them away.

Start with Proper Installation

Laying the groundwork (literally) is one of the first things you can do to ensure your pool liner will last for many years. Prep the pool site by clearing away rocks, sticks, and any other objects that could puncture the liner, and have the ground leveled to reduce the wrinkling of the floor.

Most pool companies use sand as a foundation for the pool, but it can eventually wear holes into the bottom of the pool liner because of its abrasive quality. Use a layer of vermiculite instead to prevents this problem. It won’t decay over time, and it makes for a better walking surface under the pool.

Just as you shopped for a quality pool, you need to make sure you get a quality liner and a quality company to install it all.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Once you’re all set up and you’ve had a christening pool party, it’s up to you (or your pool guy) to maintain the pool and liner. Next to quality installation, proper pool maintenance keeps you from replacing a liner every couple of years.

Test the water balance levels every 2-3 days to ensure they’re in normal range. pH imbalance and calcium deposits can deteriorate the liner over time. Also, only use products and equipment (brushes, cleaners, etc) designed for your type of liner.

Grime and buildup on the waterline deteriorates liners as well so  wipe it down regularly. Don’t drain the pool unless it’s absolutely necessary. If pool season is over, have your pool closed and winterized rather than drained.

As with anything worth having, proper care extends the life of your pool and pool liner by several years. Visit the folks at Smith Pools for more care tips or for quality pool installation today.

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Time to break in your pool

Our Quick Start Guide to Breaking in Your Pool for Summer

Pool novices might assume the process of getting your pool ready for summer merely entails a few celebratory cannonballs. Those who have a handful of summer seasons under their belts realize that an actual reopening requires some elbow grease and planning. Whether you’re a newbie or semi-professional, review our quick start guide to kick off swimming season.

Do the Initial Clean Up

Start by removing any stray limbs or leaves that have fallen onto your pool cover. Next, clean out the filters and baskets. Make sure your filtration system is good to go. Be sure to check if any cartridges need to be replaced. Finally, remove any plugs from when you closed down the pool for winter.

Test the Water

Your water may need to be adjusted after a long winter vacation. Figuring out what you need to add is as simple as gathering a sample. Take the sample to the experts at Smith Pools. They’ll be able to tell you the pH, alkalinity and overall mineral content. This is one area you definitely don’t want to skimp on.

Check the Condition of the Liner

The liner is one of the key factors required for a happy, functional pool. If yours is frayed, cracked, torn or otherwise in bad shape, you may be letting in more debris than you expect. A damaged liner can also mean losing more water than you realize. Bring photos of your liner to the professional to discuss options for repair and replacement.

Touch Up the Landscaping

Let me paint a picture for you. You’ve completed all the hard work of cleaning your pool and getting it prepped for what’s sure to be a fantastic summer season. To celebrate, you decide to take a dip. After a few refreshing laps, you look around you. What do you see?

Hopefully, it’s well-manicured lawn with flowers in full bloom. If you picture yourself seeing piles of fallen branches, knocked over pots and other remnants of disarray, your job isn’t finished quite yet. Give your backyard a makeover too to complete the final look.

For more ideas on how to celebrate summer time, read our post on the best in waterproof gadgets and accessories.


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