Where To Buy Pool Products Locally

Pool Products

Where To Buy Pool Products Locally

Wouldn’t it be great to get all the pool products from one source? That’s what Smith Pools & Spas is for. Since Smith Pools & Spas has been around in the Mid-South since 1977, they know which products work best. These pool products can make your day-to-day pool maintenance easier and hassle-free, and can even clean up a long-neglected pool.

You may be asking questions like “who sells pool chemicals near me?” Here you’ll see a wide selection of products such as filtration systems, cleaning and maintenance chemicals, and even robotic cleaners. There will be no need to worry about paying for a pool service. All you’ll need to do is place an order with Smith Pools & Spas.

Pool Products for Easier Maintenance

The robotic pool cleaner was already mentioned—and it’s so cool that it bears mentioning again. Like most other pool products, it automates a pool maintenance task. It is basically a machine that resembles a handle-less vacuum cleaner and cleans up the floor, walls, and steps of your pool.

If you’re sick of maintaining the chemical balance in your pool, getting a salt system is the way to go. It basically sanitizes your pool by electrolyzing the salt in the water and making the salt release sanitizing agents. This also removes the need for chlorine tablets, which is something that the Frog Leap Mineral System also allows you to do. Instead, your pool water will be sanitized using minerals, making the water feel softer and more natural.

Pool Equipment

Are you considering a mineral filtration system? By using minerals to help sanitize the pool, the chlorine level in the pool may be kept at a very low level. Say goodbye to green hair, bleached bathing suits, and severely faded liners. Smith Pool carries the Frog Leap Mineral System and can answer any questions you may have.

Other pieces of pool equipment such as automatic chlorinators, replacement motors and salt systems are also available. With Smith Pools & Spas, you’ll get the equipment you need from a professional you can trust. Not only will you save time and effort, you’ll save money as well.

Pool Chemicals

When you ask yourself, “who sells pool chemicals near me?”, the answer is Smith Pools & Spas. It is one of the very few retailers of  that keep pool products in-stock year round.  From chlorine tablets to algaecides, we’ve got what you need.

Not sure what you need?  Bring a pool sample to any of our locations for water testing.  Our friendly staff can help you get water problems fixed fast!

If you’re wondering who is the “best pool product dealer near me?”, look no further than Smith Pools & Spas.

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