Are BullFrog Spas Energy-Efficient?

Are BullFrog Spas Energy-Efficient?

If you want to buy a hot tub for your home, you might be afraid of the high cost of maintenance and energy consumption associated with spas. You’re not alone—many people shy away from spas concerned about what it will do to their utility bill. If you have read tub reviews, you will most certainly have heard BullFrog Spas. They can be a fantastic addition to your home as they’re more energy-efficient than other brands within their price range.

#1 Minimal Plumbing

BullFrog Spas discovered that reducing the plumbing on their hot tubs minimizes the amount of friction as well as the energy required to pump water to the jets. What they have done is to reduce the amount of plumbing by up to 90%. This reduced plumbing makes it very economical to run your tub while lowering the maintenance costs.

They also use a patented H2Air Manifold with their JetPak. The manifold is placed inside the water rather than being outside. This ensures that the heat from the JetPak water is used inside the tub instead of getting lost to the environment. Getting the extra heat from the manifold means you spend even less to keep your tub water hot.

#2 Foam Insulation

BullFrog Spas uses a smart insulation design to keep the tub water hot without reheating it all the time. The full foam around the tub ensures that no heat is lost to the outside. Standard tubs lose so much heat to the environment.  The heater has to be on all the time to keep the water hot.

If you look at a BullFrog Spa with an infrared heat map, you will notice that the walls are cold as a result of the insulation. Little heat escapes from the bottom and sides. The same can’t be said about standard hot tubs. They consume more power to keep the water at a constant temperature.

#3 High-Quality, Well Fitting Cover

With standard hot tubs, most people end up buying a cover. These covers, in most cases, are seldom fitting and are often made from the poorest of materials. The result is heat loss.

When it comes to Bull Frog Spas, your hot tub comes with a premium bespoke cover that does the job well. It is made from high-grade materials that’ll withstand the heat and elements even when you have your tub out in the patio. The tight fit ensures that no heat escapes from the top. You can use the cover when heating your tub water to make the process even faster and more efficient.

We live in touch economic times. Come see us at Smith Pools. We understand that the biggest concern for any new client is energy consumption. Homeowners are doing whatever they can to cut down costs. However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy a little luxury at home.  With an energy-efficient hot tub such as those from BullFrog, you can unwind in a relaxing environment whenever you get back from work.

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