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pool vacuum

How To Properly Vacuum Your Pool

Pool season is here and one of the most common mistakes we hear involve pool maintenance.  Neglecting pool maintenance can mean time and money spent trying to make the pool usable again.  Many people hire a professional pool care service, like Smith Pool, to take...

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Why You Should Pick a Primo Ceramic Grill

Finally—the ultimate grill for that grilling fanatic in your life! The Primo Ceramic Grill is a versatile outdoor cooker for those who love everything to do with barbecues. It functions as a roaster, grill, smoker, or even an oven (with minor changes made to the cooking...

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Swimming pool closings

Why is Pool Care Important?

Swimming pools are what everyone wants in their back yards as summer approaches. When the weather turns hot and humid, our love affair with swimming pool becomes even stronger.But to keep that love alive, you have to take good care of your pool. To keep your...

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bullfrog spas

The Benefits of Owning a Bullfrog Hot Tub

Hot tubs = better quality of life. It’s plain and simple! Owning a hot tub comes with many physical, emotional and mental benefits. Immersion in warm water, or hydrotherapy, is a therapeutic technique that can help bring people together, relieve pains and aches, and calm the...

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Why NOW Is the Perfect Time to Install an Above Ground Pool

The ABCs of Vinyl Pool Liner Problems

A pool’s a pool, right? Wrong. There are two types of pools: Vinyl and gunite. Vinyl liners are literally a huge sheet of vinyl, installed between the water and the walls and floor of the pool. Gunite, or ShotCrete, pools have specially designed plaster between the...

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Pool Service & Maintenance

Things You Should Know about Converting Your Pool to Salt Water

A little bit of the ocean in your backyard—impossible? Not anymore. Salt water swimming pools offer various health benefits, including support for persons with allergies and skin disorders; this is one reason why many homeowners are opting for saltwater pool systems. They’re becoming increasingly more popular...

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Pool Products

Pool Services Offered by Smith Pools

A pool is a worthwhile investment… Let us help you keep your investment in tip-top shape! In-Ground Liner Replacement and Safety Covers We’ve been offering replacement of in-ground vinyl liners for many years. Our prices are competitive and we ensure the process is easy for each customer....

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Above Ground Pool

What Pool Size is Right For You?

We are only a few short months away from Summer, so now is the time to start planning the installation of your new above ground pool. One of the most common questions we are asked is “what size should I get.” So, to get you...

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Why Purchase A Bullfrog Hot Tub?

Do you want a hot tub?  Are you looking for one that you can be proud to show off?   A Bullfrog spa might be just what you’ve been waiting for.Sleek designs, built-technology, and modular, customizable JetPaks make Bullfrog Spas the technology leader in the spa market....

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pool safety

Pool Security for Above Ground Pools

If you’re a pool owner, or if you’re thinking about getting an above ground pool, you’re probably picturing lazy Sundays in the water, or a cookout on the deck with your family and friends. Pool security probably isn’t the first thing that is on your mind,...

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