The Best in Waterproof Gadgets and Accessories

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The Best in Waterproof Gadgets and Accessories

Waterproof gadgets and accessories can take your pool time from fun to fabulous. Enhance your backyard parties or quality family time with these items. They’re all easy enough to pack up for an impromptu beach trip as well.

Waterproof and Bluetooth Speakers

Speakers are getting just as savvy and futuristic as our smartphones. It isn’t hard to find quality speakers that are both waterproof and Bluetooth equipped. FUGOO Sport speakers combine durability with excellent sound and design. These speakers are slim enough to hide in the background while offering up to 40 hours of battery life. That’s a lot of luau parties!

Durable, Waterproof Phone Cases

Lifeproof makes hardcore, waterproof cases for the iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy. Unlike many durable cases, these are design to be slim and sleek. You can find a range of color combinations to suit your personal style. The cases come with a year of warranty. Now, you don’t have to panic when your phone decides to take a swim.

Floating Can Holder and Serving Tray

What could better than floating in the pool sipping on your favorite beverage? Being able to put that drink down without any worries, of course! The floating can insulator by ToySplash hangs out right beside you. Simply pop in your drink and let the ultimate chillaxation begin!

Now, wait a second. Who can stop at just a floating can, truthfully? You can’t have drinks without a few snacks. Serve your favorite guilty pleasures with this remote controlled floating tray. Sometimes it’s okay to over indulge.

Waterproof Playing Cards

Enjoy a classic card game in the pool with these waterproof playing cards. You weren’t going to keep laminating them yourself, were you? These PVC cards by Coleman are made to last for ages. Best of all, they are anti-stick, meaning you won’t look like quite as a big of a nerd shuffling this time.

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