What Is the Best Swimming Pool Cover

Swimming Pool Cover

What Is the Best Swimming Pool Cover

Are you looking for a smart pool cover and wondering which one you should buy?

There are many types of above ground swimming pool covers, and this means it can be challenging to choose.

However, once you become familiar with pros and cons of each type, you would find it easier to pick the one that best meets your needs and budget.

Read on to learn all that you need to know about different pool covers to make an informed decision.

Popular Types of Swimming Pool Covers

  • Safety covers

These covers are either made of solid vinyl or woven nylon. They are pulled taut across an above ground swimming pool and secured using straps tied to anchors installed around the perimeter of the pool. When used, this pool cover looks much like a big trampoline covering a pool.

Safety covers are hugely popular—and not without reasons. They prevent debris from falling into a pool and forestall accidental submersion.

Compared to solid safety covers, mush covers are lighter. They are also much easier to work with. Unlike a solid safety cover, the mush allows melting snow and rain water to pass into the pool. This in turn means you wouldn’t have to spend considerable effort, not to mention time, clearing standing water in spring.

The other advantage of mush covers is that they cost less than solid covers. A quality mush cover comfortably lasts for a decade, if not more. Last but not the least, mush above ground swimming pool covers are more attractive than other options and can be tailored to perfectly fit your swimming pool.

However, there are some disadvantage of a mesh cover, the biggest one being their inability to prevent fine particles and sunlight from entering your pool. This means excessive algae and dirt in spring.

If you don’t want that, you might want to consider solid covers. They keep excessive algae and dirt out. Solid covers are also more long-lasting, having a life of about 15 years.

  • Solid non-safety covers

These covers float over your pool and don’t have the capacity to support any weight. Therefore, you don’t get much safety from these covers. They can’t take the weight of even a young child and will let a small child or pet get trapped in it and drown.

  • Solar pool covers

These covers don’t do much to heat a pool but can help a heated pool stay warm even on the surface. However, they don’t offer much safety and can prove to be an annoyance because they don’t let pool skimmers remove leaves off the pool surface.

  • Automatic pool covers

These covers are more expensive than others, but they also offer many useful features. You can use them throughout the year, including when you want to winterize the pool. Additionally, automatic pool covers prevent pool water from evaporating and in turn help ensure pool chemicals stay in water longer.

You can expect a quality automatic pool cover to last you for about a decade. If you want, you can recondition your old automatic pool cover for half the price of installing a fresh cover.

There’s one disadvantage of these pool covers, though. A cover pump will be needed for snow melt and rain.

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