Author: Mary Rardin


Spa Spotlight: 4 Reasons To Choose California Cooperage

If you’re looking for a hot tub that’s a true American original, California Cooperage is the right choice.California Cooperage created the first ever commercial redwood spas over forty years ago, and they still sell like hotcakes today. In fact, when it comes to top notch...

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pool heater

Your Family Deserves a Hot Tub. Here’s Why:

Are you still on the fence about buying a hot tub?Perhaps you’re sold on the health benefits, but you’re not convinced it’s something the whole family would enjoy?If this sounds like you, think again. Spa time isn’t just pleasant for the whole family, it’s also...

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Hot Tub Brands

Nordic Makes Better Hot Tubs. Here’s Why:

For over 20 years, Nordic has been the go-to brand for therapeutic hot tubs. But are they as special as they’re made out to be?Or is it all just marketing propaganda?Let's take a look at 3 reasons why Nordic hot tubs - ahem - blow...

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Smith Pool

Prepare Your pool for Cold Snap

Freezing weather can happen, and it’s important to be prepared.Winterizing your pool correctly will prevent your pool and equipment from getting damaged. It’ll also save you tons of work when it’s time to start enjoying it again.Here’s how to get your pool ready for winter...

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