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Frog Leap Mineral System

General Above Ground Pool Care Tips

Getting a brand new pool is exciting for any family, but there are some general tips that will help your pool last much longer. General Above Ground Pool Care TipsSpray for termites and other insects around the pool area annually, especially in wooded areas. Termites and...

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Why NOW Is the Perfect Time to Install an Above Ground Pool

The ABCs of Vinyl Pool Liner Problems

A pool’s a pool, right? Wrong. There are two types of pools: Vinyl and gunite. Vinyl liners are literally a huge sheet of vinyl, installed between the water and the walls and floor of the pool. Gunite, or ShotCrete, pools have specially designed plaster between the...

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Personal Spa

Benefits of Having A Personal Spa

Going to a spa is one of the most relaxing activities that you can enjoy. But what if you could have a personal spa in your home? Not many people believe that they should invest in a private spa; however, there are many benefits to...

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Get Hot Tub Ready with Smith Pools

Cooler temperatures are finally here. As the temperatures drop, you may have closed your pool for the winter. That doesn't mean the backyard fun is over!  Now is the perfect time to enjoy your hot tub.  To maximize your relaxation time, here are a few tips from...

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Commercial Pool Maintenance

The Quick Breakdown of Pool Winterization

The time of the year to say goodbye to backyard pool parties is almost here.  Winterizing your pool will ensure that when Summer rolls back around you can jump right back in where you left off.  Pool winterization can be handled by the team at...

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Nordic Hot Tubs

Can You Cool Your Hot Tub?

Most people who own hot tubs have questions regarding the tub’s temperatures. One of the questions is that if one can keep a hot tub temperature more than the maximum 104 F. The answer is no, unless you have older tubs that don’t have safety...

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Hot Tub Brands

Our Top 3 Hot Tub Brands

Who doesn't love a relaxing soak in a hot tub? We´d like to think that spending time in the hot tub after a tiring day at the office is what dreams are made of. However, installing a hot tub in your home can be beneficial in...

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Hot Tub Brands

Our Top Hot Tub Cleaners You Have At Home

It is essential for you to maintain your hot tub on a regular basis. It is extremely unhygienic and unhealthy to use a dirty hot tub. Fortunately, you don´t need to pay a quick visit to the local store every time you attempt to clean...

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buying a spa

Things To Consider Before Buying A Spa

Who doesn’t want to relax on a spa after a tiring day at the office? Is there a better way to replenish the body and soul? We think not. However, if you are shopping for a spa, it can get difficult to sift through all...

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Smith Pools & Spas
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