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Our Fall Pool Care Tips

As temperatures drop in fall, you need to make some changes in how you maintain your pool. By properly preparing it for winter, you'll not only ensure it's ready to go in spring but prolong its useful life in the process.Here are some general tips...

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How to Close Your Above Ground Pool for Winter

Winter is coming! Is your above ground pool ready for the freezing weather? Read our simple step-by-step guide on winterizing your above ground pool to get things ready for Jack Frost. Step 1: Clean the pool As winter approaches, the first step to winterizing your above...

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Suffering from Back Pain – Maybe a Hot Tub Can Help

Those who suffer from chronic back pain are afraid of exploring new treatments and therapies because they fear it will worsen their symptoms. You don’t have to worry about using a hot tub. For thousands of years, ancient Russians, Japanese, and Greeks used hot tubs...

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Above Ground Pool Products

Hot Tub Water Care Guide

So, you have installed a new hot tub or replaced an old one. That’s good. However, do you know how to take good care of it? Don’t worry if this is a grey area for you. Read our hot tub water care guide for simple...

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Hot Tub Basics

If you’re thinking of getting a new hot tub or spa but don’t know where to start, the vast collection of resources online can easily overwhelm you. Don't worry. We'll show you how to take care of your new tub. Let’s jump right in, shall...

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How to Clean Your Spa in Less Than 30 Minutes

While many people think that cleaning the spa is a time-consuming exercise, the truth is it’s possible to do it in just 30 minutes! Follow our simple guide below to discover how to make your spa clean without sweating it out. Step 1: Always cover your...

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Are BullFrog Spas Energy-Efficient?

If you want to buy a hot tub for your home, you might be afraid of the high cost of maintenance and energy consumption associated with spas. You’re not alone—many people shy away from spas concerned about what it will do to their utility bill....

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Pool Closings

Our Top Fall Above Ground Pool Tips

Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean there is any less pool maintenance work. Pool maintenance is a year-round chore and particularly important in the fall because that’s when leaves fall. With extra care, you can keep your above ground pool in the best...

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Family Fun Times in a Hot Tub

A primary motivation for many homeowners to purchase a hot tub is that it brings the family together. They get the opportunity to bond without the distraction of computers and cell phones. From having conversations to playing games, there are many things a family can...

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How to Workout in a Pool or Hot Tub

Swimming pools and spas offer us excellent opportunities to exercise. You will have fun while keeping your body fit. If you are running out of time and need time to relax, here are a few exercises to perform in your spa. Core workout While in a seated...

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