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Swimming pool closings

Why Choose Us for Your Commercial Pool Service Needs

For over 40 years, Smith Pool and Spas have focused on providing the best services to residential and commercial clients. We offer full services for our clients, from installation to maintenance and emergencies. Our team of professionals is ready to tend to your needs with a...

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Nordic Hot Tubs

Our Top Hot Tub Safety Tips

Being the proud owner of a hot tub means both you and your entire family can have wonderful moments together, connecting and unwinding. But it also comes with great responsibility. Some hot tubs come fully equipped with filtering systems and various add-ons that make their use...

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pool service

Why You Should Consider A Salt Water Above-Ground Pool

You’ve set your mind. You’re getting a pool, and the entire family rejoices. All the summer heat will become bearable, and you’ll create great memories. And yet, you still have not decided what type of pool you want. Opinions are split. In-ground, above-ground, chlorine, salt...

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Ceramic Grill

Primo Grill Texas Beef Brisket Recipe

BBQ season is finally here and it is time to fire up your Primo Ceramic Grill.  This is one of our favorite recipes from Primo and we thought we'd share it with you.  You can stop by our showroom and display the most popular Primo...

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pool vacuum

How To Properly Vacuum Your Pool

Pool season is here and one of the most common mistakes we hear involve pool maintenance.  Neglecting pool maintenance can mean time and money spent trying to make the pool usable again.  Many people hire a professional pool care service, like Smith Pool, to take...

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Why You Should Pick a Primo Ceramic Grill

Finally—the ultimate grill for that grilling fanatic in your life! The Primo Ceramic Grill is a versatile outdoor cooker for those who love everything to do with barbecues. It functions as a roaster, grill, smoker, or even an oven (with minor changes made to the cooking...

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Swimming pool closings

Why is Pool Care Important?

Swimming pools are what everyone wants in their back yards as summer approaches. When the weather turns hot and humid, our love affair with swimming pool becomes even stronger.But to keep that love alive, you have to take good care of your pool. To keep your...

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bullfrog spas

The Benefits of Owning a Bullfrog Hot Tub

Hot tubs = better quality of life. It’s plain and simple! Owning a hot tub comes with many physical, emotional and mental benefits. Immersion in warm water, or hydrotherapy, is a therapeutic technique that can help bring people together, relieve pains and aches, and calm the...

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Pool Service & Maintenance

Things You Should Know about Converting Your Pool to Salt Water

A little bit of the ocean in your backyard—impossible? Not anymore. Salt water swimming pools offer various health benefits, including support for persons with allergies and skin disorders; this is one reason why many homeowners are opting for saltwater pool systems. They’re becoming increasingly more popular...

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