The ABCs of Vinyl Pool Liner Problems

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The ABCs of Vinyl Pool Liner Problems

A pool’s a pool, right?

Wrong. There are two types of pools: Vinyl and gunite. Vinyl liners are literally a huge sheet of vinyl, installed between the water and the walls and floor of the pool. Gunite, or ShotCrete, pools have specially designed plaster between the water, and the floor and walls.

Both serve as waterproof membranes, preventing the water from seeping into the walls or the floor of the pool.The vinyl liner takes less time to install compared to the gunite liner, and it is also cheaper.

Here are some of the problems and ways to maintain and repair the vinyl liner.

The ABCs of Vinyl Pool Liners

Liner Getting out of Track

Liners should fit perfectly into the pool’s shape; otherwise, the liner could pop out of the track if it’s not centered well, or if it is too big or small. Use a hair dryer or a heat gun to stretch the vinyl liner and put it back into position. Be careful not to stretch the liner too much, or overheat and melt it. After fitting it into position, use a liner lock to keep it in its track.

The Vinyl Liner is Fading

This happens due to the pool chemicals, and from the sun. To avoid your liner from losing its color, do not clean above the waterline any more than necessary, and while cleaning it, make sure to use mild vinyl cleaner.

Also, do not add concentrated granular chemicals, especially pH decreaser and Calcium Hypochlorite, because they settle on the floor of the pool and cause its resilience and strength to decline.

A Leaking Vinyl Liner

Liners can start leaking if they puncture or if they are old. Shut off the pump and plug lines for a day to detect if the leak is from the pump. Determine where the liner is leaking and have it fixed as soon as possible; it can destroy the structural integrity of the pool.

Draining the Pool

Be careful when draining your pool—and when refilling it, reset the liner with a very strong vacuum. It is, however, highly advised that you do not drain the pool completely, as the walls could collapse or bow inward.

Stains on the Liner

If your vinyl liner becomes stained, you should clean it by gently scrubbing, then ensuring the chemistry is balanced, shocking the pool if necessary. Mineral stains can be cleaned by using specific chemicals.

Holes in the Liner

If you notice that your liner is torn, patch it by using a pool liner patch kit. There are three types:Gel, a vinyl mat to be cut out into patches, or an adhesive, precut vinyl patch.

These are things you need to watch out for to keep your pool functioning. When these problems go unnoticed, they could result in the destruction of your pool.

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