6 Pool Products That We Recommend

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6 Pool Products That We Recommend

Whether you’re a brand new pool owner or experienced enough to do a pool shock blindfolded, you need the right type of tools to keep your pool clean and safe to swim in. Today you can find a wide variety of pool equipment and accessories that promise to make swimming in and maintaining your pool an easier experience.

The following are the best products we recommend to have for your pool:

Robotic cleaners

Tired of cleaning your pool by hand? A robotic cleaner may make it easier. Although they have had a mixed reputation in the past, advances in technology have made robotic cleaners nearly as effective or even better than conventional side pressure cleaners. And since they are entirely autonomous, you don’t have to be around for the cleaner to work. You can switch it on in the morning, go to work, and come home and swim in a newly cleaned pool with no effort on your part.

Sand filters

Pool filters come in all shapes and sizes, but the most reliable type, in our opinion, is still the humble sand filter. A mainstay in swimming pools for decades, sand filters effectively remove both small and large particles in the water. They are the most efficient way of removing algae and microscopic impurities from the water without resorting to harmful chemicals. Also, filter sand is cheap and easy to replace compared to other types of filtration media.

Pool mineral systems

If you’re wary about using chlorine in your pool, pool mineral systems are a good alternative. Mineral systems use a mix of minerals to help sanitize the pool while keeping chlorine levels down. Such systems cut down on maintenance time and chlorine costs and eliminate chlorine-related problems like faded liners and bleached bathing suits. Also, mineral systems have the added benefit of keeping the water softer.

Saltwater systems

If you want to do away with using chlorine tablets for your pool, upgrading to a saltwater system is the way to go. As its name suggests, saltwater systems replace pool chlorine with a version of chlorine that’s derived from salt. It’s just as effective at sanitizing the pool but without the adverse effects of chlorine. And contrary to common misconceptions, the salt is diluted enough that the water keeps a neutral taste.

Stain preventers

Stain preventers are additives that help prevent stains from forming on the pool’s walls and floor. Imbalances in your water’s pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness often cause these stains. Regular cleanup usually fixes minor staining, but if it is persistent or if the stains are too severe, adding a preventer with the weekly chemical mix should restore the chemical balance and effectively dissolve any stains.

Phosphate removers

Phosphates are organic wastes that naturally build up in a pool over time. This waste provides food for algae, which, if left unchecked, will let spread and eventually take over the pool. Your local Smith Pool dealer can test your pool for excessive phosphate content and recommend phosphate remover to clear up phosphates and green water caused by algae.