5 Must Try Swimming Tricks to Really Make a Splash

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5 Must Try Swimming Tricks to Really Make a Splash

Everyone likes to have a few tricks up their sleeve, and a swimmer is no exception.  Beginners and athletes. Children and adults. No matter what stage of life or level of experience, all swimmers can benefit from knowing a few super swimming tricks.

The Supreme Somersault

Knowing how to do somersaults (flips) underwater as a kid was the epitome of cool, instantly earning you “level Olympian” in the other kids’ eyes. This trick is not only fun, it’s also a useful skill if you swim for exercise.

For the somersault newbie, practice in water that doesn’t go above your head but is deep enough to perform the trick. Bend at the waist and propel yourself forward, using your arms and legs to spin in a circle. If it helps, imagine you’re rolling down hill in a tire.

The Tricky Tumble Turn

For the swimmer doing laps, tumble turns make changing direction a more fluid maneuver without slowing you down. When you’re near the wall of the pool, do a somersault and twist onto your stomach before heading to the other side.

The Dashing Dive

Executing a clean dive takes a lot of practice, a little courage, and hardened skin because you’ll most likely do a belly flop the first 3 or 80 attempts, leaving you stinging and red.

Whether diving from from above or in the water, first jump up and bend your body to aim the top of your head into the water.  Your body should follow your head in a straight line so the water surface breaks smoothly as you enter. If the water smacks you, you’re probably doing it wrong.

The Underwater Handstand

As a kid, this trick was even cooler than somersaults.  Perform it in water that doesn’t go above your head when you stand. Propel your body downward, place your hands on the pool floor, and keep your body straight so your feet are sticking out of the water.

The Colossal Cannonball

Swimmers of all ages and skill levels can master this trick with ease . Just jump in the water while simultaneously tucking your knees into your stomach or chest. The goal is to make the biggest splash, and (maybe) soak the sunbathers.

Bagging a few swimming tricks makes pool time more fun, but it’s also important to stay safe. Use ear and nose plugs to keep from choking on water, wear sunscreen, and be mindful of the hard surfaces. For all of your pool needs, stop by Smith Pools today.


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