4 Poolside Accessories Your Pooch Will Love

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4 Poolside Accessories Your Pooch Will Love

The pool is a fun place to hang out for all the family, including your dog.

Whether your furry friend has an instinctual need to swim or just wants to cool off, these accessories are sure to enhance the experience for you and your pet alike.

Dial Up the Fun with Floating Toys

Dogs just love to play in the water, don’t they?

There’s nothing like the pool for a rowdy game of fetch or tug-of-war that will leave your dog feeling tired and happy. Floating toys are a great way to while away the hours whilst bonding with your four-legged friend. Even better, your dog will get plenty of exercise and let out those troublesome instinctive behaviors like tugging and chewing in a non-destructive way.

With hundreds of brightly colored toys available online and at your local pet store, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Your Dog’s Very Own Private Gym

Take things to a whole other level by adding some accessories to your pool area.

Incorporating a water slide or slip-n-slide to your pool is guaranteed to entertain your dog for hours. You could even set up an obstacle course for you and your pal to run through together.

Basking in the Sun

When your pet is feeling lazy, or is just tired after a day of playing fetch, there’s no better way for him to chill out in style than a doggy pool float.

Pool floats for pets are made with your pal’s safety in mind. They are more durable than regular floats, puncture resistant and designed to be ultra-buoyant. When dampened in pool water, they will also help keep your dog cool and reduce the risk of overheating.

Safety First and Foremost

Not all dogs are good swimmers. Water can be dangerous for young puppies and for certain breeds, like Pugs and Bulldogs.

Doggie life jackets can be really handy in these situations. They are designed to fit around your dog’s neck and keep him afloat, so he can take a dip in the pool safely.

Is a day by the pool with your furry friend right up your alley? Contact Smith Pools for a quote and get your own pool today.






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