4 New Year’s Resolutions Every Pool Owner Should Make

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4 New Year’s Resolutions Every Pool Owner Should Make

Are you late to the New Year’s resolutions party?

Or perhaps you’re still unsure what goals to set this year?

If you’re a pool owner, there’s no time like the present to commit to making the most of your pool in the year ahead.

Let’s get into four New Year’s resolutions every pool owner should make.

1. Take Pool Maintenance More Seriously

Your pool needs regular care to stay in tip top shape. Skimp on maintenance and you risk running into costly problems down the road.

January is ideal for pool maintenance. If you come across any problems, you’ll have more than enough time to fix them before summer rolls around.

What’s more, many retailers hold clearance sales throughout January. Whether you’re looking for replacement parts or some new accessories, it’s worth checking your pool store out. Who knows? You might snag yourself a bargain.

2. Invest In a Pool Testing Kit

Testing your pool water is very important. The wrong chemical balance doesn’t just make your water look gross. It turns your pool into a breeding ground for all sorts of nasty germs.

Unfortunately, computerized tests aren’t always accurate. In fact, they’re designed to make you buy chemicals more often.

This year, take control of your pool water’s health by investing in a test kit. Test your pool water regularly, and keep detailed records of what you’ve found. You’ll save money on treatments and your pool will look its best.

3. Ramp Up On Pool Safety

Pools are fun, but they can also be dangerous if not cared for properly.

Make your pool safer and more enjoyable this year by ramping up on safety features.

Overhaul your pool fence or buy an alarm that goes off if someone falls into the pool. Even better, invest in a high quality pool cover and make sure it’s always up when the pool isn’t in use. Your pool area will be safer and the water cleaner.

4. Switch To A High Quality Pool Service Provider

Sometimes, going DIY just won’t cut it.

A reputable pool service provider can help you keep your pool shipshape, so you won’t have to worry when it’s time to break out your swimming trunks.

Are you ready to make your pool look better in 2016? Reach out to Smith Pools for a quote.


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