3 Must-Have Maintenance Chemicals for a Happy Pool

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3 Must-Have Maintenance Chemicals for a Happy Pool

A degree in chemistry isn’t required to maintain a happy pool. The right toolkit can keep yours sparkling and gleaming for years to come. Protect your investment with these three key chemicals.

Double Up on Liquid Chlorine

Here’s a chemical that does twice the work. Liquid chlorine works as both a regular maintenance tool and spot treatment for algae. It keeps your pool clean by killing bacteria and sanitizing while providing a colorless finish. For many pool owners, this variety is the most economical option. Smith Pools, the only provider of liquid chlorine in the Mid-South, can help you stock up for the upcoming season.

Deslime with a Phosphate Remover

Is your pool looking green? If algae are taking over, phosphate may be to blame. This natural substance feeds algae, making it a major slime producer. A good phosphate remover will get your pool looking beautiful again and reduce its need for high amounts of chlorine over time.

Think Ahead with a Stain Preventer

A stain preventer does exactly what you’ve probably already guessed. It limits the ability of stains to flourish on your pool’s surface. Once stains build up, they can be difficult and costly to remove. Make this product a part of your weekly routine and you’ll be sure to enjoy a cleaner pool. Like most things in life, it’s easy to invest a little time in prevention than it is to treat the problem later.

Bonus: Sanitize with Alternative Chemicals

Many pool owners are looking for different ways to sanitize without relying on traditional chemicals. Smith Pools offers the Frog Leap Mineral System. This system focuses on the use of minerals to clean, requiring less chlorine for general pool maintenance. The benefits go beyond reduced chlorine expenses. You’ll enjoy a longer-lasting liner and softer water. This mineral system makes your above ground pool feel like saltwater oasis!

If you’re getting ready for the summer season, it may be time to take stock of your chemicals and pool tool kit. Read our post on breaking in your pool for summer to make sure your grand opening is a big success.


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