3 Ingenious Ways to Cut Back on Chlorine Consumption

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3 Ingenious Ways to Cut Back on Chlorine Consumption

Reducing chlorine consumption is a common goal for many pool owners. Whether it’s for budget or health purposes, cutting back on the amount of chlorine you use can be beneficial. It’s important to do so wisely. Reducing the amount at random will allow bacteria and algae to flourish. Thankfully, there are a handful of options that with the right research and application will reduce the overall amount of chlorine needed to properly maintain your pool.

Sanitize with Ozone Generators

Ozone generators make an excellent supplement to chlorine. These devices work by using ozone gas, which kills bacteria in the water as it circulates throughout your pool. There are options available for both above and in-ground pools. Some owners use only powerful ozone generators to sanitize their pools. However, it’s a good idea to consult with a professional before making a complete switch. You may find yourself happy with the amount of chlorine consumption it reduces when paired with a secondary sanitizer.

Zap Bacteria with a UV Pool System

Here come the big guns. UV pool systems zap bacteria, algae and microorganisms lurking in your pool to death (or as close to it as possible). These devices are made specifically to reduce your reliance on chemicals and work hand in hand with your current sanitizer. A combination of hydrogen peroxide and UV lights is all it takes to create reactive oxygen, which sanitizes and oxidizes the water. They work with your filter to clean the water and circulate it back to your pool.

Disinfect with a Mineral Based Sanitizer

You don’t have to be a chemistry nerd to maintain your pool with a mineral based system. These sanitizers work with the chlorine in your pool to emit minerals, which reduce and inhibit the growth of bacteria. By doing so, you’ll be able to lower the amounts of chlorine and bromine in your pool without overhauling your sanitation system completely.

Give your skin and sinuses a break by limiting the amount of chlorine in your pool. With one of these trusty options and proper installation, you can rest assured that you’re battling bacteria without overdosing on the chemicals.