3 Festive Ideas for Fall Pool Parties

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3 Festive Ideas for Fall Pool Parties

The fall can be the perfect time to enjoy some outdoor fun by the pool.

Temperatures are finally getting milder, and the changing colors are a sight to behold. What’s a better excuse to enjoy a cool breeze and chill out with family and friends than holding your very own pool party?

Here are three festive ideas to get you started.

1. Halloween Themed Party

October is all about Halloween, so why not host your very own Halloween party by the pool?

Carve out some pumpkins and deck the pool area with jack-o-lanterns and Halloween-themed lights to create that eerie atmosphere. Set up a bar with tricks and treats and Halloween-themed cocktails and get creative with crockery. Serve punch in a cauldron and buy plastic goblets for your guests to drink from.

Even better, hold a Halloween bake-off. Get your guests to come up with the scariest-looking treats they can think of – the winner gets to jump in the pool first!

2. Heroes vs Villains Pool Party

Tired of the same old Halloween parties? Take yours up a notch and make it a themed heroes vs villains pool party.

Get your family and friends to dress up as their favorite villains or superheroes and come over to spread some chaos… or save the day.

Decorate the pool area with masked balloons and get creative with heroes vs villains themed games. Prepare a heroes vs villains themed quiz, play charades or have a treasure hunt.

You could even hold a contest for best costume of the night. Loser gets to eat a kryptonite cake!

3. Turkey by the Pool

Why not start your own tradition and have a Thanksgiving party by the pool?

Even if you forfeit the BBQ for an oven-cooked turkey, you can still shake things up and enjoy this most traditional of holidays in a non-traditional way.

Set up your table under a canopy and decorate your pool area with some festive fall decor. Use haystacks, painted wine bottles and fall foliage to set the stage for your pool party.

But before you start planning your party, make sure your pool is looking its best. Get in touch with our team at Smith Pools for information about our pool maintenance plans.