2 Hot Heating Options for Above-ground Pools

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2 Hot Heating Options for Above-ground Pools

The heat wave is winding down at last. Is your pool feeling a bit chillier too? We all love a break from the heat, but you may still want to get in a few laps before shutting down your pool for winter. A heater can help you raise the water’s temperature and keep things comfortable.

Your options for heaters vary based on the type of pool you have and the amount of temperature change you’re looking for. We’ll look at two solid options for above-ground pools in this post: solar panels and heat pumps.

Solar Swimming Pool Panels

As you might have guessed, these panels are operated through sunlight. The panels are typically connected to your pool pump, allowing the water to circulate. The heat of the water then increases and is returned to the pool.

This cost-effective option works well for smaller pools and warmer climates. You’ll obviously need plenty of direct sunlight for maximum effectiveness. The solar panels typically raise the temperature of the water from five to ten degrees. If you’re looking for a little extra heat at a relatively low cost, solar panels may be your best bet.

Heat Pumps

Above-ground heat pumps heat the pool water through the air in the surrounding environment. Depending on the size and capacity of the heat pump, it can warm up the water of deep and large pools well. These pumps require more of an initial investment than solar panels. However, they are generally found to be cost-effective over time and easy to use.

Before purchasing, you’ll want to keep in mind factors such as usage, location and pool size. Ask about energy efficiency ratings and the amount of heat produced. Some models are even designed for noise reduction and are made to run as quietly as possible.

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to get the most out of your above-ground pool, reach out to us at Smith Pools. We’ll be happy to help you turn your pool into the place of fun and relaxation you’ve always wanted.